Honors College

Megan Lynn Mullins

Michigan City high school offers many different programs for the variety of children that attend. One of those programs are honors college, this program offers a more excelled course with a more rigorous class schedule. The honors college may sound intimidating but in all reality if you have the gpa to qualify the class work is said to come easily to most students. Bella Pelath a freshman at MCHS said ” At first I was very nervous entering freshman year taking all honors classes especially because I skipped Eighth grade but I soon learned that the classes aren’t as intimidating as they seem. Yes I’ve noticed that they are more challenging than those of the regular classes but in the long run I know the struggles I may have to deal to deal with along the way will be worth it.”

    There are many benefits to honors college one being that saying you attended all honors classes through high school can boost your transcripts and therefore increasing your chances into getting into a better college. Emma cells a freshman at MCHS said ” I never doubted that I wanted to take honors classes through high school . I heard all through middle school the advantages of offers. My goal is to get into an excellent college and if honors college increases those chances then I will work through any struggles that I may face.”

   Honors college is just one of the many excellent programs MCHS has to offer its student body. Davionne Garret a sophomore at MCHS said ” If you qualify for the classes take it I promise it won’t be a decision you regret”


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