Freshman to Sophomore Year

Megan Lynn Mullins

The transition from freshman year to sophomore year can cause many questions. Although it may not be as scary as being new to the high school it can cause a variety of fears in every aspect of students’ high school life. Sophomore Kelsey Pearson said, “I was very nervous coming into my sophomore year; I was worried that the teachers would not be as lenient on me for things such as missing assignments and being late to my classes. But I soon came to realize that those were things I should not stress about.”  Although there are fears associated with the transition there is also a sense of relief not be the “babies” of the school. One of the biggest fears coming into high school is being the youngest and most vulnerable. “Starting my sophomore year was by far less terrifying than freshman year.  I was so relieved that I wouldn’t be the fresh meat of the school, even if I am still an underclassman I don’t catch as much heat from the juniors and seniors as I used to,” said sophomore Sarah Parnell.  Last year as a freshman, the sophomores were new and acquainted with the school. But as they have come into this school year they seem to agree as a whole that the bonds with certain teachers are easier to obtain. It is also easier to navigate the hallways and find their classrooms. “I feel more acquainted with the school system. I have become closer with the faculty and people, including my coach,” said Sophomore Eli Schoof.


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