Real life mysteries: The Bermuda Triangle

Suzanne Kaiser, Feature Reporter

As Halloween approaches, it is interesting to take a glance at the frightening things that happen in real life. Take the Bermuda Triangle for example.

The Bermuda Triangle is located in a western region of the North Atlantic Ocean. This location is also known as the Devil’s Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is famous for the numerous reports of disappearing aircraft and ships in that particular area.

Reports of missing planes and ships date all the way back to the 1400s and continue to go on through the 21st Century. Various people have come up with theories as to way things just seem to disappear in the Bermuda Triangle, however the majority of the incidents remain unexplained.

One of the most famous incidents was in 1945. Quite a few training airplanes took off from a naval base in Florida and never returned.  After an extended period of time, people at the base realized that the planes had gone missing and sent out a Martin Mariner flying boat to search for them. As opposed to a successful rescue mission, the search operation became a lost hope. The flying boat went missing itself.

One of the theories behind the multiple disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle, and perhaps the most popular in popular culture, is that the missing aircraft and ships are due to paranormal activity. The U.S. Navy however, says that the Triangle simply does not exist. Scientific researches claim that the “haunting” theories are due to reporting errors and embellishment.

The Bermuda Triangle is just one real life food-for-thought type of places.300px-Bermuda_Triangle

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