Remembering 9/11

Tommy Callaghan, News Editor

Not every American remembers, but every American knows what happened 14 years ago today. Early on the morning of September 11, 2001 an airliner jet was flown into one of the World Trade Center’s building in New York. Shortly after the first, three more airliners crashed into different areas of our nation. The second crashed into the other World Trade Center’s building. Unlike the other three, the third jet did not reach its target destination. This plane was thought to have been heading for the Sears Tower in Chicago, but was brought down by passengers in a field in Pennsylvania. The fourth plane headed for the nation’s capital and hit home at the Pentagon. During this time, the Pentagon was going under renovation. Of the five sides, only one had been reinforced with stronger materials. The plane could have hit any of the four other sides and wiped out the entire building but because the side that had been reinforced was hit the damage was limited, yet devastating.

By the time the carnage was over, the hijackers had killed 2,977 people in the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil. President Obama set the tone of today’s memorial by beginning the day with a moment of silence and bowing his head. While the entire nation looks back on this event, it also looks to a brighter future. Hundreds of memorials have been constructed nationwide in an attempt to balance hope for the future with respect for the past.

On a day 14 years after planes, people, fire, and debris fell from the sky, the United States remembers the day which has truly shaped our nation.

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