A frightful night

Suzanne Kaiser

gravityHalloween is almost here, and while a haunted house may be fun, there are an abundance of real “haunted” locations locally. October is coming to a close, and Halloween is rapidly approaching, kids and adults alike flock to “haunted houses” and other local attractions to be scared senseless.  However, there are many local, real-life, “haunted houses” and other attractions that are not as popular, found in Michigan City, and other cities and towns nearby.

One creepy location in Michigan City to check out is Gravity Hill.  Located on County Line Road between Michigan City and Westville,  just south of the bridge overlooking the toll road.  If someone puts their car in neutral, then they will find themselves moving between 10-35 mph uphill.  While many look for answers to this mysterious occurrence, legend goes that in the 1930’s, a school bus full of children were hit by a train at the end of the tracks, and that the cars move uphill, because the spirits of the children are pushing the cars towards the tracks, possibly to meet the same deadly demise that they did.

If this is not scary enough, then one can take a drive down to Posey Chapel in Rolling Prairie.  Located off of 1000 N., Posey Chapel was a church that was burned down over 150 years ago.  In addition to this, the preacher was found hung from a tree on the property, near the entrance, and some say that he can be seen sometimes in the night.

With Halloween being tomorrow, it is the perfect time to check out some of these spooky places. Remember to always be safe and do not do anything illegal, such as trespassing.


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