Michigan punter reeling after costly fumble

Drew Hanft, Sports Reporter

michigan punterIt was Saturday, October 17, 2015 in the Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The University of Michigan was leading their in-state rivals, Michigan State 23-21.  Ten seconds remained on the clock when it happened.  The twenty-two year old punter Blake O’Neill, an Australian graduate transfer from Weber State University lost the Wolverines chance at victory over the Spartans when he dropped the snap.  All O’Neill had to do was punt the ball away and the Wolverines very likely would have walked off of their home field victorious.

The Spartans would have had one play, maybe two at the most to try a Hail Mary attempt to the end zone to try and knock off Michigan.  It came a lot easier for the Spartans however and that is just how the crazy game of football goes sometimes.

The punter dropped the low snap and then tried to pick the ball up and get the punt away but the ball was taken away by freshman MSU defensive back Jalen Watts-Jackson and returned back thirty-eight yards for the game winning touchdown as the clock struck zero.

In one of the craziest finishes in college football of all time, number seven Michigan State stole the victory over number twelve Michigan by a final score of 27-23.

The punter is now facing excessive harassment and even death threats as a result of the missed snap.  Michigan athletic director Jim Hackett addressed the fans to calm down and lay off the student-athlete in an open letter to the public.  The AD urged the community to “not lose this game twice by condoning thoughtless comments.”

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