Apple is expanding

Amira novitzke , reporter

Tim Cook is about to add another billion-dollar business to the Apple company. Apple music now has about 15 million subscribers and of those 15 million, 6.5 million of them are paying customers. The customers pay $10 per month to access unlimited streaming music whenever they want. That means every year, just from the Apple Music, the company is making$780 million. Although they are not exactly at $1 billion yet,if they have 1.8 million more free trials, they will most likely reach there mark. It is impressive for Apple to already be that high when there are knew music brands such as Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, and Google. Cook has also announced that sixty percent of Apple Music costumers stick with there service after they use the free trial. Apple is one of the few brands int he entire world to  enter the market and create a billion-dollar business in just a few short months.

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