Great Scott it is Back to the Future Day

Sage Santana, News Reporter

Great Scott, today is October 21, 2015, which is the day that characters Marty McFly and Doc Brown in “Back to the Future II” traveled 30 years into the future, and although they were amazed by a number of amazing technological advances, some of them are actually in existence today.

Among some of the things that “Back to the Future” did predict to be included in 2015 included big screen televisions, video conferencing , drones, and hands-free video gaming. Yet some of the fashion trends show in the film in 2015, such as wearing two ties, have not exactly caught on, but athletic clothing has gained popularity. Movies such as Jaws 19 have not hit big screens as expected in “Back to the Future II,” yet there are electronic glasses as were expected, such as the Google Glass.  In addition to what “Back to the Future II did predict correctly, there are in fact hoverboards in existence today.  Although they are not a replacement to skateboards as seen in the film, hoverboards are relatively new and exclusive.  While most of the predictions made by “Back to the Future II” were correct, and only a few untrue, there is still the prediction that the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series, and break their losing streak of over 100 years.  As for if the Cubs will actually make it to the World Series and win, it is uncertain, but one thing still is certain, and that is that although once only a popular science fiction movie, “Back to the Future II” did succeed in predicting many true events.

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