Johnson Road Rivalry Update


The top of the Johnson Road Rivalry trophy features an outline of Laporte County and Johnson Road, connecting Michigan City and Laporte.

Kristen Gushrowski, Sports Writer

With the fall sports season wrapping up, there is a Johnson Road Rivalry trophy update: Laporte has six wins while City only has two wins.

The Johnson Road Rivalry trophy was introduced to the City-Laporte rivalry to create friendly competition between Laporte High School and Michigan City High School sports teams. The trophy is currently at Laporte High School since Laporte won the most sporting events against City for the 2014-2015 sports seasons.

In fall sports this year, City beat Laporte in volleyball and boys tennis. Laporte beat City in football, volleyball, girls’ and boys’ soccer, cross country, and girls’ golf.

Even though City is behind, athletic director Mr. Shaman has a positive outlook for the winter sports teams.

“I’m hoping we come out with a winning record for the winter season,” said Shaman.

The winter sports schedule for City vs. Laporte is:

Sport Date Place
Girls Swimming & Diving 12/1 Michigan City
Boys Swimming & Diving 12/1 Michigan City
Wrestling 12/9 Laporte
Girls Basketball 1/22 Laporte
Boys Basketball 1/22 Laporte
Gymnastics 2/9 Michigan City


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