Oreos are as addictive as drugs

Amira Novitzke, reporter

Have you ever felt like you could not stop yourself from eating Oreos? A new college study recently found out that it may not entirety be your fault! The study says oreo cookies are just as addictive as drugs in lab rats.

When the students of Connecticut College studies this, they found that when the rats ate the cookies they formed a strong association with the oreos and it was equally as strong as the rats that were injected with cocaine.

Researchers also found out that the rats activated more neurons in the rats’ brains “please centers” then the addictive drugs. And surprisingly, the rats first ate the cream in the middle of the oreo, just like a lot of human consumers.

The study supports the theory that high fat and high sugar foods stimulate the brain in the same way that drugs do! So next time you can not stop yourself from eating those delicious cookies, you will know the scientific reason behind it and why your brain triggers your body to feel pleasure while eating them!



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