Tragedy strikes Oklahoma State

Drew Hanft, Sports Reporter


Four people are dead and dozens are injured after an out of control car crashed into a crowd of people during Oklahoma State University’s homecoming parade Saturday, October 24.

Oklahoma State was hosting its annual homecoming festivities before the fourteenth ranked, undefeated Cowboys were set to take the field against the Kansas University Jayhawks. The day was going smooth and as planned until a car came speeding into the crowd of parade spectators, sending people flying into the air.

Among the dead, are three unnamed adults and a two year old boy. The three adults were pronounced dead at the scene and the two year old boy was transported to The Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City but was later pronounced dead. Four children and three adults still remain hospitalized with conditions ranging from good their to critical.

According to Stillwater, Oklahoma police captain Kyle Gibbs, forty-four people total were injured during the incident.

Twenty-five year old Stillwater resident Adacia Chambers has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence after her Hyundai Elantra struck a police motorcycle that was sent into the crowd causing the horrible incident.

Unfortunately, tragedy is not a new thing at Oklahoma State, as two different plane crashes in the past fifteen years has killed members of the OSU basketball programs including both coaches and players. One occurring in 2001 in Colorado that killed ten people and another in 2011 in Arkansas killed four people including two women’s basketball coaches.

School officials decided to go forward with the play of the homecoming game however, as kickoff took place only about four hours after the tragedy took place. Oklahoma State Players were seen taking a kneel in prayer to go along with a moment of silence to honor the victims before the beginning of the game. Flags were also flown at half mast on account to the incident.

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