Absences for Absences

Tamira Hall, Feature Reporter

There is a policy here at Michigan City High School about tardies and absences. A student can get up to 10 tardies before it is counted as an absence. After 3 absences the student will be suspended. Principles at Michigan City High School suspend students for missing school. Many students are upset for the simple fact that they have already missed school and is now forced to miss school again. Dome have excuses for their absences but the attendance lady at Michigan City High School do not count everything as am excuse. If a student is sick and their parent calls in, it is not excused. The only time absences are excused is if the student has a note from a doctor. Unexcused absences mean that the teacher is not required to give students missing work. Getting suspended for missing school is also unexcused. Not only are students missing school for missing school, but they are also missing work from when they missed school. An alternative to suspending the students should be ISS, or in school suspension. They should make the students sit in the rec room and complete the work from the days that they missed. Suspending students for being absent is not going to help the student, it just makes them more absent. A student could have something serious going on at home which will cause them to miss school and they will then be suspended for being absent. Students at Michigan City High School should aim to be in school everyday if they want to stay in it.

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