Time to hit the pool

Jack Smith, Sports Reporter

Swimming is a very great time and is nothing shy of great. The team is ready to do the best it possibly can. The Winter sports season is a great time. Some may think that this is not true but swimming is definitely not what people want to watch, but if you have the time come out and support our wolves. The returning seniors for the boys team are Tim Schoof, Mohammad Hakim, Marshall DeBone, and Kane Bentley. Last year the boys had a state relay team and a few simmers that swam individually at state. The boys swam exceptionally well and had one of the best seasons in years. They broke so many records and time barriers. Between then freshman Ali Hakim and then junior Tim Schoof they broke a few records and are looking to better those this year. They also broke 400 free relay record. This team consisted of Ali Hakim, Tim Schoof, Eli Schoof, and David Duenas. They want to break the other relays this year too.

This season will be one of the best for the boys team. They are looking to advance from sectionals to state. This will be a very good chance for this to happen. This is one of the strongest teams that they have seen in a very long time. The last time they had a team like this was when Cameron Miller, Nate Quinlan, and Matt Quinlan were on the team. Come to support the wolves and you will not be disappointed.

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