D12 Releases “Devil’s Night” Mixtape Without Eminem

Jordin Agemy, Feature Reporter

The rap group D12, also known as The Dirty Dozen, released a mixtape on October 30th, without featuring group member Eminem. The three main remaining remaining members of the group, excluding Eminem, are Kuniva, Bizzare, and Denaun Porter. Orignaly having 14 songs, the new edition of the Devil’s Night mixtape features the same hardcore, drug induced influences as the past rendition of the tape. When asked why Eminem did not appear on the mixtape Kuniva responded, “Eminem didn’t make this project at all. He tried as much as he could, but he didn’t make it. We could’ve waited for him to go ahead and do it, but we wanted to really just let people know that we’re also emcees too and we can handle ourselves. We know how to do this stuff.”
Eminem is one of the founding members of the group and it is a surprise not to see him on the track list. A day after the release of the mixtape, on October 31st, Eminem went into the studio and recorded an into for the album. This into was an acapella freestyle that featured dark and intense lyrics that very well depicted the Halloween Spirit. The mixtape edition that does feature Eminem is called “Devil’s Night: Reloaded”.

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