Hurricane Patricia

elizabeth quinlan and lizzie quinlan

Hurricane Patricia is known to be the strongest pacific hurricane in record. The tropical cyclone formed in the eastern Pacific and quickly moved onto Mexico as it began to weaken, still causing a tremendous amount of damage. The hurricane first started on October 20th, and began to disperse on October 24th.  As of October 23rd, it was named the most powerful hurricane due to its high and strong wind speeds, and it fell within the fifth category on the hurricane wind scale. Other than hurricane Patricia, there has only been one other hurricane to reach the fifth category. Not only was it named the strongest, but it also broke a record for having the lowest pressure of any hurricane ever recorded, with a minimum of 880 millibars.

By the time it reached Mexico, the center of the storm decreased as it made it’s way across the land. The wind power and rainfall was strong and heavy enough to cause damage to most of its surroundings, and even cause floods and mudslides. The center of the strongest winds only appeared in a small area. Many villages, and fishing areas were destroyed by the winds, despite the slight weakening that began to happen once it reached Mexico. It is said that it weakened faster than it had strengthened, its central pressure and winds began to drop just as fast as they rose. The high wind speeds plummeted from almost 200 miles per hour to about thirty miles per hour, dropping over 150 miles per hour.

The hurricane not only lost wind speeds, but also dropped from a fifth category hurricane, to a much lower level one within hours.

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