Deer Photobombs Baby’s Photo Shoot

Kaitlin Emerick, Chief Photographer

A baby deer photobombed an infant’s shoot two weeks ago surprising the Photographer and the infant’s mother. Photographer Megan Rion of Lake Charles thinks the photo turned out to be a great work of art. The photograph had gotten way bigger than anyone thought it would. In the first 24 hours it had already gone viral.  Rion says it was on Oct. 20 when she was shooting 1-month-old Connor’s autumn-themed photography session in Sam Houston Jones State Park in Louisiana.

While snapping away, Rion said Maggie, a rescue fawn who has made several appearances in her sessions, emerged from the woods and photobombed the shoot. Rion says they’ve seen the fawn about five different times during photo shoots but she had no idea that she was going to show up in the area that she likes to take pictures. Rion said she plans on returning to the same spot for future sessions in hopes that Maggie the deer will return.

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