Heaven or hospital?

Amira Novitzke, Reporter

Julianne Snow, a five year old girl, who suffers from an incurable disease decides that the next time she gets sick that she wants to stay home and not go to the hospital. Her mother, Michelle, tells her daughter that if she stays home when she gets sick that she may go to heaven and the little girl agrees and says that God will take care of her.

Julianne’s little brother is going to counseling to prepare him for his sisters death. The young boy asked his mom if her heart was going to stop beating when his sister dies because she will be so sad. At any given moment, she could die if a germ comes her way or even if she gets a simple cold. She has also made it very clear that the next time she gets sick she does not want to go back to the hospital and get help, instead she wants to die and go to heaven.

Since Julianne is only five years old, her parents can still choose if they want to take her to the hospital when she gets sick again or they can choose to let her have her wish and instead just stay at home. It began when she was only nine months old and she could not sit up straight and most babies do that when they are only six months old. She was sent to many different hospitals to see what was wrong at the found out she has CMT, like her father. Sometimes it can go unnoticed but hers did not. Julianne has been living in a slow-motion horror story.

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