Devastating death on the field

Jack Smith , Sports Reporter

17 year old Kansas native Luke Schemm was playing in a routine football game in his senior year of high school when, out of nowhere, he collapsed and died. He had just scored a touchdown, and while running back to the sidelines, he fell and went unconscious. This all happened during the third quarter of the game.

Luke Schemm, who was clinging to life, was transferred to a hospital near Denver, Colorado. The doctors there declared him braindead. His family decided to take him off of life support. The announcement of his death was told by the family’s pastor during a vigil Wednesday and everyone was devastated.

The only conclusion to his death that they can come to is that he had been hit by another player earlier on a two-point conversion. This may have been the reason that he died or it could have caused a concussion that was so severe that it progressed and later killed Luke.

This brings up a very controversial question: are the helmets that the players wear enough to protect and stop very severe injuries? No matter how much padding you put in the helmets or the bubble wrap that you wrap yourself in, it will not 100% prevent injury. Football is a very hard contact sport and if they did not use a helmet then the player’s heads would be completely mangled and destroyed.

It is very unfortunate to hear of teen deaths in high school and collegiate sports, but that is the risk when you strap on your pads, tie your shoelaces on your cleats, and put on your goggles. Hopefully someday we can create a safe but efficient way to play these sports.

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