H.O.S.A. at MCHS

Marcus Lester, News Reporter

There has been a new national club added to the Michigan City High School’s long list of extra curricular activities. This one is called H.O.S.A. This stands for Health Occupation Students of America, and it serves to prepare students interested in going into the medical field. The club consists of different games to teach students about things such as CPR. This club is sponsored by Ms. Zahrt and ran by Senior Kyron Harris as President and Senior McKenzie Plummer as Vice President.

President Kyron Harris is not certain what he’s going to pursue after high school. He felt that if he ran for the president position of this club then he would be able to begin practicing his career while still in high school. Kyron says, “I have a lot of experience with holding officer positions and my goal is to teach all my fellow officers licensed to do CPR.” He says he is very passionate about helping people and that this is a good start for his career.Vice President McKenzie Plummer plans to attend Indiana University of Bloomington in the fall. McKenzie said, “I’m torn between pursuing a career as a paramedic or an O.B.G.Y.N.” The reason she felt that she would be a good vice president for the club was because she felt that her and Kyron would work together really well.

The club will be attending a national conference in Tennessee once it gets started. This conference allows H.O.S.A students to meet and interact with those who are going in the same direction as them. Students will participate in critical thinking games and have the opportunity to see things from different points of view.

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