AP Calculus gets new software

Kaitlyn Steinhiser, News Reporter

MCHS purchased new Kuta software for Mrs. Joan Stewart’s AP Calculus class on October 30, 2015.

“Kuta software allows students to break down the complicated problems into little segments so that they can learn the basics of each functions. Once they learn the basics, then they can move on to the more complicated ones. The book that we currently have just skips right to the complicated ones, and that was causing the kids to give up,” said Mrs. Stewart.

All of the other math classes in the school had access to this software but AP Calculus before the school bought the software last week. When the AP Calculus students realized that they were the only ones who could not use this software, they decided to start fundraising. They only needed 100 dollars due to the fact that the software would only be going on one computer.

After parent teacher conferences, the school decided to just buy the software.

Not only does this software allow this year’s group of students to learn the basics before working on more complicated problems, it also allows future AP Calculus students to learn the same way.

Thanks the school’s generosity and this year’s AP Calculus students’ drive to learn in the most efficient way possible, generations of other AP Calculus students now have the opportunity to learn the basics through the new Kuta software before jumping into more complicated problems .

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