Boy missing for 13 years found

Ryan Solano, Feature

After 13 years of being reported missing, 18 year old Julian Hernandez has been found thanks to the help of a school counselor.

Originally from Alabama, Hernandez has been located safe and unharmed in Cleveland, Ohio. Julian’s mother, whose name is yet to be released, claims Julian’s father, Bobby Hernandez, agreed to take their 5-year-old to preschool. But neither Bobby nor Julian returned. Julian has spent the last decade living with his father unknowing of his missing status.

It wasn’t until Julian started applying to colleges that he knew something was odd. While applying, he found that the Social Security number his father gave him could not be verified. When Julian brought this issue to his school’s counselor, they did some research and found Julian Hernandez’s resemblance on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children database. The FBI was informed Friday and since then, authorities have confirmed Julian’s true identity.

Julian’s mother was ecstatic to know her son is alive and well. “Our family was overjoyed this week to locate Julian and learn that he is safe,” she stated. False claims have been made in the past about her son’s location, but this week she has been able to communicate with her age-progressed son.

Bobby Hernandez, age 53, has been accused of providing false information to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Bobby had done this so he could be granted the fake identification card he used to hide his and his son’s location. He is currently being held in Cuyahoga County on a $250,000 bond. He also faces charges in Alabama for interference of custody, a felony that could land him up to 10 years in prison.

Even though Bobby has done wrong by essentially stealing his son, Julian is not mad at his father what-so-ever. Julian had this to say, “I’m not angry at my father in the slightest. I remember that he used to ask me, ‘If I ever committed a terrible crime, would you still love me?’ I still do, even after learning everything.”

Since Julian is 18, it is his choice if he wishes to stay in Ohio with his friends and the community he has spent the majority of his life with. His family in Alabama however, want him to resume the life he left behind 13 years ago.

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