Celebrate National Stress Awareness day by relaxing

Sage Santana, News Reporter

November 4 was National Stress Awareness Day.  A day to recognize the origins of stress in one’s individual life, how to avoid them, and how to maintain stress.  Although it is no longer National Stress Awareness Day, this week is a good time to identify where stress enters life, and how to handle it.

First, identify what causes stress.  Some of the common origins of stress include not having enough time, practicing unhealthy habits, taking on more than can be handled, expecting too much of oneself, and avoiding rest or relaxation to recuperate from stress. Most of the time, these stressors can be found in different environments, from school, to work, and even at home.  Although stress may very well originate from these environments or circumstances, stress varies from person to person, and it could include a wide number of things. If the stress is avoidable, it would be best to keep away from whatever it is that triggers the stress.  However, some things are unavoidable, and stress then becomes a regular part of one’s life.

The second step is to find ways to alleviate the stress.This is extremely important, as stress causes a buildup of toxins in the body that must be removed, or else further health problems will ensue.  Some of the best ways to alleviate stress includes exercise, engaging with others, avoiding unnecessary stress, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and making time for oneself.  Exercise and engaging with others changes the focus from stress to the current activity, as well as releasing endorphins, which lift up one’s mood, and thus, revealing stress. Avoiding unnecessary stress, such as avoiding stressful environments, people who trigger stress, or learning how to say “no” to events or actions that may cause stress. Finally, adopting a healthy lifestyle and making time for oneself.  By cutting out unhealthy activities and habits, one can improve their stress levels, their energy, and their mood.  Finally, making time for oneself, is extremely important to relieve stress.  Taking the time to relax with a favorite activity or badly needed rest can help to lower blood pressure, anxiety, and stress levels.  This is particularly important, for after a long period of stress, the body needs to revive itself.

No matter how one chooses to relieve their stress, it is important that they identify what stressors affect them the most, and take care of them to  live a happy, healthy life.


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