Twitter undergoes a change

Suzanne Kaiser

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter launched a new update that shook up the world.

One of the biggest changes that Twitter made was the switch from “favorites” to “likes.” Before getting getting too worked up, one should also know that the stars are gone with the wind and the hearts are here to stay.

There seems to be no in between: some people love the Twitter change, while others cannot stand it.

People, especially here at Michigan City High School, appear to be up in arms with the change. Senior Carlie Vittatoe said, “The change is rather dumb. They [Twitter] are just trying to become like other social media sites.”

It appears that the symbol of the heart is similar to that of Instagram’s favorite button, and the term “like” is just the same as Facebook.

While people are constantly complaining about the change, Twitter reports that the “likes” are approximately six percent more popular than the app’s “favorites.”

The company’s headquarter reported that Twitter has also seen a six percent increase in app usage in general. This means that in the past couple of weeks, people have become six percent more Twitter active. Coincidence? Who knows.

Regardless of if a person loves or hates the new Twitter update, as of now, it is here to stay.





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