Burial ground under Washington Park


Megan Mullins, Feature Reporter

Many secrets hide within the crevices of New York City and one more was recently discovered. A 19th century burial ground, the burial site was said to be a vault that was 8 feet deep 15 feet wide and 20 feet long. The land that the burial grounds were found at was apparently called potters-field or a place that was used for public burials between 1797 and 1825. The remains of at least a dozen humans were buried here. Eli Schoof a sophomore at MCAS said. “I find this discovery incredibly interesting; I could only imagine the astonishment when they stumbled upon human remains while simply doing their everyday job.”
When the bones were stumbled upon the discovers were simply doing a reconstruction project in Washington Square Park. The job was put on hold for a short while the ruins and remains were being dug up and investigated. But it is said that the project shall continue only a little south of where the burial ground was found. Dominic Iccovatie a sophomore at MCAS said “When I was showed this article I found it very interesting. I hope that if I were to ever to into a field where I get to study remains that I would get to do research on expected projects such as this. I remember finding a cool rock or even a bone of an old animal in back yard or park and the amazement and inquisitiveness I felt towards the situation, I could only imagine the way these workers felt.”

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