Schoof prepares for big future in swimming


Tim Schoof signs with Michigan State University. Included in the above picture are Tim’s mother, father, coach Kovenz, and AD Craig Shaman.

Jack Smith, Sports Reporter

Senior Tim Schoof has achieved many different feats during his high school career as a swimmer and has represented MCHS very well in his time here. Since Cameron Miller, a former swimmer who still holds multiple records, left MCHS, there has not been many to achieve his level of dominance. Schoof has done his best to try and reach, if not supersede, Miller’s level of greatness. So far, he has done very well by breaking records, leading the team, and being a great representation of the school and team.

Tim started to make his mark on the swimming world when he was just 12 years old. He won the 50 yard Butterfly, the 100 yard Butterfly, and as a team his relay won the 200 Medley and free at Age Group State. Tim has broken various records at the local age group team, the Piranhas. Schoof said, “I continue to swim because of the challenge it poses, as well as the relationships that I have built over the years.”

Tim has had a great group of guys to swim with for years. He has swam with Ali Hakim, David Duenas, Marshall DeBone, and Mohammed Hakim, other current MCHS swimmers. They have been a tight group of guys since they were very young and have even competed at the state level together.

Tim said, “The hardest part of the sport is having two-a-day practices.” The morning practices are from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., and the afternoon practices are from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. “Two-a-day practices drain me of most of my energy,” he said. It takes a lot of dedication to stick with swimming, which Tim has plenty of. Schoof has stuck with it since he was very young has given his all for the sport.

Tim is not only a swimmer though; he enjoys going to the beach, exploring nature, hanging out with friends, and going to the gym to work out. In his free time, which swimmers do not get much of, Tim is always either at the gym or doing some sort of physical activity. Tim is not one to sit around and not do anything as he likes to stay active and always try something different. Tim is a great role model because of his great work ethic and his unrelenting attitude.

Next year, Tim will be attending Michigan State University on a swimming scholarship. He has shown exceptional ability as a swimmer, so his skills may be able to translate to the next level. In this day of swimming, it is increasingly difficult to swim at the collegiate level, let alone at a Division 1 school. Michigan State is a very hard school to swim at, just like any other Division 1 school. It has been a long road for Schoof to get to where he is now, so being able to swim at a Division 1 college is an important accomplishment for him. Tim has wanted to swim in college and maybe go further with his swimming career. Not many have achieved the level Tim has reached, so his work ethic is one to aspire to.

Besides swimming, Tim is very excited to receive a college education. Tim will major in International Business and hopefully earn a degree. During high school, his favorite class was AP Literature because it bot expanded his knowledge and was intriguing to him at the same time.

Tim does not play any other sports. He is focused on swimming and that is his priority along with school. Tim’s best strokes are Butterfly and Backstroke. He currently holds the record for the 100-yard Backstroke and the 100-yard Butterfly at MCHS. Schoof has made his mark on Michigan City, but he still has much more to achieve.

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