City gets serious about parking passes

Kaitlyn Steinhiser, News Reporter

On Monday, November 10, MCHS administrators put orange warning stickers on any cars in the student parking lot that did not have a parking pass.

Students have been able to pick up parking pass applications since the beginning of this school year. However, not many of them actually got the applications and bought the passes.

Last Friday, it was announced that any student who parks their car in the student parking lot must have a parking pass. Students evidently did not take this warning seriously considering the fact that almost every car in the parking lot had a warning sticker on it.

Most students are working on obtaining parking passes as soon as possible so that their car does not get towed or ticketed. Although all students know that they need to get a parking pass, not all of them agree with the fact that all students have to pay for them.

One of these students is senior Marshall DeBone. “I think that the passes are not a good idea because I shouldn’t have to pay to park at a public school. I drive a different car every day, so I would have to move the pass and this would just make everything more difficult for me. If the money goes to a good cause, such as school lunches, then maybe. I think that those with parking passes should be able to park in the back of the school, too,” insisted DeBone.

Another student who is angry about the parking permit is junior David Duenas. Duenas drives a Jeep Wrangler, so the administrators stuck a sticker on his plastic window. Due to the fact that the windows are made out of plastic, the sticker was extremely hard to get off of his car.

“The whole thing is stupid, and they need to get that sticker off of my window. You shouldn’t have to pay to park at a public school. It just causes bigger problems,” Duenas commented.

Students may not be big fans of the passes, but, according to principal Wendell McCollum, the passes help the students in the long run.

“As with most local public high schools, the funds generated from student parking fees goes towards our student welfare account. The income provides the school with the necessary resources to use for field trips, student awards and incentives (Student of the Month, academic honors ribbons, pins, and medals), the graduation ceremony, and our academic teams (Quiz Bowl and Spell Bowl,)” assured McCollum.

Parking pass applications are still available in the discipline office.


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