Woman falls off cruise ship

Amira Novitzke, Reporter

The U.S. coast guards are searching the waters off of Cuba for a woman who went overboard on a cruise ship dance party. Coast guards say the unidentified woman was reported missing Thursday night but the crew of the Norwegian Pearl. They heard that the woman had fallen off the ship about twenty-two miles off the shore from Cuba. She was observed intentionally going overboard while the ship was sailing in the Yucatan Channel. The cruise ship company said they did not think the fall was an accident.

After they found out that the woman went overboard, they sent out three rescue boats and contacted the coast guard. They also sent out an airplane but it was difficult for them to see anything since it was raining and it was dark outside.

The cruise was a so called “Mad Decent Dance Party” which is an electric dance music event. It was four days long and the cruise started at Miami and ended at Cozumel, Mexico. The woman went overboard on the first day the cruise started.

The hunt is still going to find the woman who went overboard Thursday night on the four day cruise ship to Mexico.

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