Guendolen Mark: a scout making a difference

Guendolen Mark, the leader in creating the sensory room

Guendolen Mark, the leader in creating the sensory room

Sage Santana, News Reporter

With the recent unveiling of the sensory room here in Michigan City High School, there has been a buzz of anticipation and excitement surrounding the room.  The Cityzen recently had the opportunity to speak with the designer of the room, and to get all the facts on its design and use.  The journey to build the room began when the Robotics Team was approached to help create a sensory room for students in the school with mental and physical challenges to have the opportunity to relax in a therapeutic environment. Sensory rooms typically include soothing elements such as lights, comfortable chairs, swings, toys, blankets, and much more.  However, the sensory room here at Michigan City High School includes special touches such as a mural of the night sky on the walls, a light projector, a ball bit, and much more.

When the Robotics Team was first asked to help create this room, one of the members took the responsibility to design and lead the project.  That member was Michigan City High School senior, Guendolen Mark.  Mark has been involved in Robotics for three years, and took on the project not only on behalf of the Robotics Team, but also for a special achievement in Girl Scouts.  The award that Guendolen Mark is striving for is called the Scout Gold Award, which is the highest honor a Girl Scout can achieve.  The award is given to a scout who creates a project that has a positive impact globally or communally. Mark explained the process to the Cityzen.

“Your project must first be pitched to the Girl Scout council, and then approved.  Then you work on your project.  Once you finish, you send in the evaluation form and the council decides if you project is worth the Gold Award.”

The sensory room was unveiled on October 8th, and included a ceremony with Robotics Club members, and media outlets covering the story. Although the room has been in operation for over a month, Mark still sees the project as one with constant room for improvement.

“I hope the room improves even more over the years and that the other schools in the area will create sensory rooms of their own.”

While students in Michigan City High School enjoy the sensory room built with the help of the Robotics team, Mark still hopes that the project that she created can continue to affect many students to come.



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