The identity of Jack the Ripper

Megan Lynn Mullins, feature writer

Jack the ripper was believed to have committed most of his crimes within the area of Whitechaple district of London in 1888. The majority of his victims were female prostitutes, they were siad to have had their throats cut and internal organs removed. The term jack the ripper appeared when letters were being sent to many local newspapers and other media outlets, the writer claimed to be the notorious killer. One of the letters received had half a human kidney inside the envelope in order to prove that he was the true killer.
Yet the identity of Jack the ripper remained a mystery. The authorities used every possible tactic they had at the time. But recently an individual named Dr. Louhelainen claimed to have found a “perfect 100 percent match” to an immigrant named Aaron Kosminski. He matched DNA found on one of the victims with a descendant of the notorious criminal. But there is also another theory that has just recently come about. A southwales educator Richard Patterson claims that the killer was a famous poet Francis Thompson who exerted his anger towards a ex love out on the helpless woman. He was said to keep a dissecting knife in his coat and was taught rare surgical procedures that were used upon the victims. Around the times of the gruesome murders the poet wrote many pieces involving murders similar to that of the ones committed by the criminal. No one will know the true identity until the DNA samples are examined by forensic professionals.
Maybe one of these theories will be the solutions to one of the biggest crime mysteries

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