Cotton candy grapes

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

Up to this point grapes have been red or green, with the occasional dark purple. Now, there are cotton candy grapes. These oddly flavored grapes are green with a pink tint to them and have a surprisingly similar taste to cotton candy.

According to Grapery, this actually happened on accident. “We weren’t trying to make a grape that tastes like cotton candy, we were trying to make a good grape,” Jim Beagle told The Huffington Post. Grapery worked with a breeding program to find the best parts of grapes throughout the world, combining all the grapes with good characteristics.

A grapes sweetness is measured in brix with the average brix being 17 to 18 and 14 to 16 for sour green grapes. Cotton candy grapes measure in at 19 to 21. Beagle said it can take 10 to 12 years to make a grape that lives up to Grapery’s standards.

It is a slow process and takes a lot of crosses to find a good grape. They seem to be worth it though, in Manhattan these grapes cost $8.99 per pound and they are selling really quickly.

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