Jasmine McLemore Receives a Track/Field Scholarship to Western Michigan University!


Marcus Lester, News Reporter

Jasmine McLemore has been running track since her freshman year of high school at Michigan City High School. Jasmine noticed that she could potentially get this scholarship around July 1, which is the first day that college coaches are able to recruit and start calling runners. Jasmine said, “I wanted to go here because they are an amazing in academics, athlete friendly, and I will be able to go for free!” Jasmine is going to sign with Western Michigan University on November 17,2015,at 5:00 p.m. in the Michigan City High School gymnasium. Jasmine’s advice to those who are trying to play a sport in college was to have determination. She said, “You can accomplish everything you attempt. Remember that mental attitude is biggest, sometimes more important than the physical aspect. Nothing can ever stop you, but you. So go out there and accomplish your goals and then set more and accomplish them too because you have the power, if you believe you can.” Jasmine is an honor student at Michigan City High School with honors, advanced placement and dual credit courses. She is not only a determined athlete, but a determined student as well. She has been to state for track and field every year and plans to win state this year. When she attends Western Michigan University she plans on majoring in Criminal Justice and minor in psychology. She plans to become either a psychologist, FBI agent or a detective and will make it her business to be successful at whatever she does.

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