Snapchat charging?

Amira Novitzke, Reporter

Recently Snapchat has been charging people to replay a picture or video sent to you. Since Snapchat only allows you to replay one snap per snapchatter, you can now pay $0.99 for three “replays”. The company figured when you replay a snap, it is like getting a compliment, so why stop there? People love getting compliments so they figure people will love to see snaps over again. While some people would do anything to repeat that one message or snap over again, some think paying $0.33 per snap is a little pricey and the company also agrees. Also the company has now started charging for the Lenses. For example, the filter with the rainbow, cartoon effects, and other features. You are able to buy them all, and then you get seven free filters. They do not plan to stop there, the company is going to try to turn everything into a profit and some of them might just work and some of them might just disappear forever.

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