On the road to beating HIV

Megan Lynn Mullins , Feature writer

HIV is an immunodeficiency virus that leads to AIDS. 1.2 million people in the US live with this disease and 3.5 million are affected globally. It is said that ⅛ of people affected are not even aware. There is no cure for this disease but we do have drugs to manage some of the pain and symptoms. Until recent years there was little hope for people living with HIV to live more than a few months, but there have been many developments. Patients newly diagnosed with HIV can possibly live another 50 years. There is also a new type of protection against HIV it is called Pre-exposure Prophylaxis or (PrEP). This is a drug you take to prevent contracting the disease, the only issue with this is drug is that it is not available in a large number of places.
With these recent developments we are on the road to beating AIDS. The number of patients diagnosed with AIDS has fallen by a third. Kelsey Pearson a sophomore at MCHS said “ I think that the strides we are making to prevent and demolish the disease are great. I don’t personally know anyone living with HIV or AIDS but if me or a loved one was diagnosed it gives me peace l of mind to know that there is still hope.”
With these developments come hope, hope for a better future, longer lives and clean bills of health for those in your lives that you love and care about. Every year the numbers grow smaller and the the developments in medications and treatments grow larger.

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