Coffee could be a lifesaver

Amira Novitzke , Reporter

A large-scale study was published Monday by Circulation, a journal published by the American Health Association. This study involved 167,944 women from the Nurse’s Health Study and the Nurse’s Health Study 2. The study tracked participants and collected data on daily coffee intake through food questionnaires for thirty years. Researchers has to factor in many different things, like the age of everyone, their weight, fitness level, smoking status, and how much sugar they consume and researchers found that those who consumed coffee had a lower risk of death from diseases and also suicide. The study showed that coffee reduces risks anywhere from nine to fifteen percent. Drinking coffee daily, or multiple cups of coffee throughout the day, lower the chance of someone dying from heart disease, neurological disease, type 2 diabetes, and suicide. Scientists say those who drink coffee and enjoy drinking coffee, continue drinking it; but for those who do not like it, there is no particular reason to start just for health reasons. Researchers do not have enough data yet to determine what kind of coffee consumers should drink to be the most healthy, but they say it is a good alternative for those who drink too much pop or eat sugary foods. Death from heart disease, neurological disease, and suicide was less common among moderate coffee drinkers than among others.

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