The reason for Hallucinations

A frontal brain wrinkle called paracingulate sulcus or PCS had been linked to hallucinations. The size of this wrinkle varies dramatically throughout patients, but when the wrinkle appears to be shorter the patient usually suffers from hallucinations. It is hard to determine if a patient will suffer from this illness before they are born due to the fact that it is one of the last folds of your brain to develop happening only just before birth. But now knowing that this fold is smaller in patients that suffer from hallucinations and schizophrenia they can find out sooner than ever possible. BBC news source Jon Simons, a neuroscientist said “The brain develops throughout life, but aspects such as whether the PCS is going to be particularly prominent fold-or not- may be apparent in the brain at an early stage.”
Although this fold has a direct link to hallucinations it is not clear on whether the fold is directly linked to schizophrenia. This is because schizophrenia is such a complicated phenomenon. Schizophrenia has many more symptoms than hallucinations that is why it is so hard to directly link it to the shortness of the fold. They are doing further research, using schizophrenia patients 79 people with hallucinations and 34 without and getting structural MRI scans revealing the detailed physical dimensions of their brain. The results of these tests concluded that patients suffering from hallucinations PCS was 2cm shorter than those who do not suffer from hallucinations and their PCS was 3cm shorter than considered healthy or normal.

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