When Eminem became Slim Shady

Jordin Agemy, Feature Reporter

A recent interview with VladTV led to the topic of Slim Shady. Rap Group D12 talked about their rise to fame, alter egos, and member Eminem. In his start, Em was compared to the likes of Nas, AZ, and rappers alike. Kuniva from D12 stated, “To me, that’s what he sounded like, at first,that was the pinnacle of him being polite and cool. Em was really a straight up cool cat, but the frustration came out when he started getting the criticism about the Infinite stuff, like, ‘It’s kind of soft. You sound like this person/that person.”
Em has been open with this topic, especially in his song, “Gut’s Over Fear” when he said, “Had to change my style, they said I’m way too soft/ And I sound like AZ and Nas/ Out came the claws/ And the fangs been out since then/ But up until the instant/ that I went against it/ It was ingrained in me that I wouldn’t amount to a stain, I thought.”
Bizarre from D12 also said, “Basically the whole thing of D12 is everybody has an alter ego, so try to be the villain, a person completely different from who you are,” he explained. “That’s when he took the name Slim Shady.”
Em had to change his style to fit what people wanted and also to make himself more widely known in the rap game.

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