Russian and Turkish air conflict

Tommy Callaghan, News Editor

While Russia and Turkey have not had the best of diplomatic relations in the past, their relations were never bad. However, they are now. After a Russian fighter jet broke into Turkish airspace yet again, Turkish air control told the Russian jet to evacuate the area. The Russian plane was flying the Turkish-Syrian border. After the jet continued on, air control threatened there would be consequences if the jet did not leave. When it was clear the Russian jet was not abandoning his position, a Turkish jet was dispatched to shoot down the Russian fighter.

One of the biggest problems in this situation though is, who’s airspace were the planes in? Vladimir Putin claims his military’s Su-24 was one kilometer from the Syrian-Turkish border but Turkey has presented maps which back up their claim saying that their F-16s shot the Russian plane down four kilometers past the Turkish border. Though both pilots ejected the Su-24, their medical condition is unknown. Not only is their condition unknown, but their location is unknown. Whether the pilots landed in an area occupied by allies or Islamist rebels is yet to be determined. The state of the missing pilots will play a big role in the future relations of these two countries.

After many close-calls of situations like these, it seemed inevitable that a situation like this would happen. Hopefully the two countries can figure out a solution where both countries can remain friendly. The United States has not taken a stance on the issue but hopes the countries can unite to fight terrorists in their countries.

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