Adele’s new album breaks records

Marcus Lester, News Reporter

This past week Adele’s new album,25, sold more albums in one week than anyone in history! It was released on November 20, and has already sold 2,433,000 copies. Which is the highest total since Nielsen began accurately tracking album sales in 1991. 25 is breaking the record set by NSYNC’s No Strings Attached in 2000, when it sold just over 2.4 million copies in its first week on sale. Adele’s achievement is even more impressive when you think about the larger health of the music industry around her. When NSYNC set its sales benchmark back in the year 2000, the industry was at or near its absolute commercial peak. The albums released now sell a mere fraction of what comparable releases did then. The gap between Adele and her contemporaries is staggering compared to the difference between NSYNC and its competitors. Now that Adele is dominating the American industry, she still has to sell a few hundred thousand copies before breaking Japanese pop star Hikaru Utada’s single-week domestic sales record, which is literally unheard of! Adele’s new album consist of fourteen amazing songs all written by her. Adele is so very proud  of her album and is proud to be back from her injury. Her hit single “Hello” was wildly successful prior to the release of Adele’s highly anticipated new album , and the success continues with 25. She decided that she didn’t want to put her album on streaming services, not knowing at all that she would go double platinum in three days. Adele has many fans and is very proud that hard work she has put in has paid off.

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