College football bowl season in coming soon

Jack Smith, Sports Reporter

The road to bowl season in college football is one of the most hyped times in America. College sports are in some senses favored over pro sports because the athletes are not playing for money, but for school pride. It is now the end of college football season and the exciting time for the bowl season has officially come.

There are numerous bowls to take part in. In all there are 40 different bowl games. One of the most talked about bowl games is the Rose Bowl. Even though the college champion is not decided here it is still maybe the most watched bowl because it even has a parade. It is right on new years day so people like it because it is so historic.

As you can see there are so many different bowl games to enjoy and watch. It takes a lot of hard work for the teams to get the chance to play in a bowl game. Teams have to be good enough to be selected to get the chance to play in one.

Clemson University, who went undefeated this season, will play in the Orange bowl against Oklahoma State University. If their luck and skill prevail once again, they will play in the CFP National Championship against the winner of the Cotton Bowl game between Alabama and Michigan State. The CFP National Bowl game will decide who is the best team in College football. The winner will receive the National Championship Trophy.

Locally, a much anticipated bowl game will be Indiana University facing off against Duke University in the Pinstripe Bowl. It is the first time Indiana has been in a bowl game since 2007. Indiana is not as known for their football team as they are their basketball team, but this season was an exception. Even in the games that they lost, they were still very close to winning. The losses that Indiana had were all nail-bitters, including the double overtime loss to Michigan University. They have had many notable wins against big colleges and have definitely earned their spot in Pinstripe Bowl game.

College Bowl season is a great time of the year and it wraps up a great holiday season. Bowl season is a time to watch the best teams compete and spend time with the family. The teams that do so well are rewarded by getting to partake in such an honorable game. These games can shape some players lives. They can be the chance to a good draft spot for the NFL if they make it. It also gives some players another chance to attempt to get the Heisman trophy. This is overall a very memorable part of these guys lives. Stay up to date and watch these games play out. It will surely be very interesting.


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