Domestic abuse in Cincinnati

Jack Smith, Sports Reporter

Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman has been not yet been arrested for allegedly firing eight gunshots in his garage in Miami, Florida.

This dispute was with girlfriend happened back in October where he had choked her and pinned her up against a wall. At the height of this argument she left the house in hid in some nearby bushes until the police could get there.

Twelve police officers were dispatched to the house. According to the police the argument started when the girlfriend found something on his phone. When she confronted him about what she had found he got very angry. In the police report it said that he had violently shoved her against a wall and then choked her very violently. She was able to get away but with his anger he went to the garage and retrieved a gun and fired it in the garage.

Chapman said that he did not shove her against a wall and choke her, instead he said that he poked her very hard and she just simply fell on the ground. He did however admit to firing his gun in the garage.

Before this domestic violence case happened Chapman was supposed to be traded from the Cincinnati Reds to the Los Angeles Dodgers. This trade has been put into “limbo” according to ESPN. The Dodgers do not know if they are going to go through with the trade or simply go for another player. Unfortunately, these cases happen all the time and professional athletes have to do a better job at stopping this criminal activity.

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