Perspective freshmen shadow MCHS students

Sage Santana, News Reporter

Eight grade students from Krueger and Barker Middle School visited Michigan City High School on Thursday, December 10, and got the opportunity to see what the school day is like at MCHS.

The day began with a presentation in the morning where all the 8th grade students shadowing, their partner MCHS students, and various staff and administration members of MCHS showed some of the clubs, sports, and classes available here at MCHS. Also included in the presentation was a short video of Michigan City High School alumni, and the success they had after graduation.

The students continued their day at the school shadowing students from grades 9-12 during periods four to seven. The shadow opportunity was made available to the students in hopes of exposing the daily life of a MCHS student, as well as getting comfortable with the different setting that high school has compared to middle school.

“The lunch room was really surprising.  Ours is all windows and very small.  The one here is very big with a lot of different people in it.” says Krueger student Emily Mitzel.

Another benefit that the students had to attending MCHS for a day was the ability to see what the classes are like.

“The classes were so open.  We have to raise our hands, to ask to get up. Here at the high school, the students are more free.” says Krueger student Ijena Jenkins.

At the end of the day, the students left Michigan City High School with a new experience under their belt, and made one more step towards their path to join the wolf pack.


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