Origin of basketball

Sean Callaghan, Sports reporter

In December 1891, Dr.  James Naismith created the game of basketball. The game was created in Springfield, Massachusetts fir the opportunity  to condition young athletes during the cold, in preparation for other sports. It was a bonus to have a conditioning sport that was less injury-prone than football. It consisted of simple, small baskets and a ball similar to a soccer ball.

James Naismith was a Canadian physical educator, coach, and sports innovator. James taught sports and had classes that he taught at a local school. He divided his classes into many teams and organized a tournament. He was born on  November 6, 1861 and died on November 28, 1939, when he was 78.

The objective of the game was to throw the basketball into the wooden peach baskets nailed to the lower railing of the gym balcony. Every time a point was scored, the game was halted so the janitor could bring out a ladder and retrieve the ball. After a while, the bottoms of the fruit baskets were removed, subtracting constant stoppage during the game.

After popularity struck with his new invention, he experienced a fair amount of disappointment in how the game was played and things that basketball players did. He very much disliked the idea of zone defense and said that it stalled the game. Another time, he attended a college basketball doubleheader at Madison Square Garden, where he shook his head at the rough play he saw in a Syracuse victory over Manhattan. He needed to make some changes.

He appeared on a radio show to recall the birth of basketball, in 1891. After seeing the constant tackling and rough play, Naismith changed some of the rules as part of his quest to develop a clean sport. After that, he made 13 new guidelines for how it should be played. “The most important one was that there should be no running with the ball,” he said, referring to what became the third of his 13 rules. “That stopped tackling and slugging. We tried out the game with those rules, and we didn’t have one casualty.”

Basketball is still on the rise, becoming more and more popular with every new place it reaches, giving many kids and adults happiness everyday. It also gives a career to some kids and helps people make a living, even those who are not playing, but have anything to do with the televising or coaching of the sport.

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