Technology takes over our lives

Elizabeth Quinlan and Lizzie Quinlan

Technology has tremendously advanced over the years, and as it has done so, it has taken control of our lives. Not only has it taken over, but it has also changed the way society is. Over the past two decades technology has affected the way we communicate with others, and the way we go about our daily lives. The constant use of cell phones and other mobile devices has changed the way we communicate with those around us.

Before mobile devices were brought into our lives, face to face communication was something that was considered to be the only way to communicate with others.While there are many positives to the advances of technology, there are also many negatives.  Today, the main way we interact with others is through technology. Whether it be having a simple conversation or dealing with business for a job, the number one way we interact is through technology.

Technology started becoming popular due to the fact that people wanted to stay updated on the news locally and around the world. It has also become more popular as new devices have become more advanced. As it has advanced over the years, we have become in a way obsessed with keeping up with the new released news and the updated technologies that come along with that.

While many people put a strong emphasis on keeping updated with the new technologies, it is important to take time out of every day to step away from them. Turning off our computers and cell phones even for a few hours each day tuning in to the world around us is important as we should not forget about the real world around us.


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