Are portion sizes out of control?

Lizzie Quinlan and Elizabeth Quinlan

As our pant sizes are going up, so is the amount of food that we pile onto our dinner plates. Over the years, the portion sizes off all types of foods has risen considerably. While the size of our portions has risen, so have the size of many of the individuals consuming those foods. Our portion sizes are almost out of control, and they seem to be getting worse and worse.  Many serving sizes have almost doubled over the past two decades. Our portion sizes, typically in the fast foods that we eat, have risen incredibly. Fast food industries have become considerably popular since the 1900s. These quick “meals” have made their way across millions of dinner tables of people in the United States. While consuming fast food is convenient, there is a price to pay if one chooses to do so. The large increase in fast foods has been a big reason that many Americans struggle from obesity.

According to,  “the average French fries has increased from 2.1 to 3.3 ounces, adding an extra 113 calories”. Fast food beverages could be considered to be one of the largest increases in portions over the years. The average serving size for a drink is typically eight ounces. Many drinks at fast food restaurants have increased from about 11 ounces all the way to almost 18.

While there are many factors as to why so many Americans have become increasingly overweight, the introduction of fast foods across the country is one of the largest factors. Many individuals resort to the “quick and easy” meal after a long day of work, of a burger, fries, and a soft drink. But overall, is it actually quick and easy?

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