Student Joe Gondeck paints mural to bring smiles

Sage Santana, News Reporter

Recently, there have been more and more murals painted throughout the hallways of MCHS.  However, one in particular is personal to one student here at Michigan City High School.

Junior Joe Gondeck has been working for weeks on his self-portrait, in which he is depicted in an eye patch, overlooking a water fountain. Gondeck explains his mural “It is a mural of myself with an eye patch. They eye patch is there because you see more of the world with one eye, than you do with both.  This is a representation of how even though you have handicaps or you are different, it does not matter.”

Although the mural has been in the works for weeks, Gondeck has had the idea to paint this for a very long time.

“I have had this idea since the first day of school, when I walked in, and gazed upon the water fountain, and saw the boring look of the wall above it. The I knew, my face would go oh-so-well there” says Gondeck.

As for inspiration, Gondeck was hoping to create a piece that would make people smile “Well, I wanted to do something that people could laugh at.” 

In addition to making art to make students smile, Gondeck encourages all students to follow their dreams.


“If you have a dream, do not let your dreams sit around on the back burner, you need to pull them to the front burner and make some delicious life soup” says Joe Gondeck. 

Students can find Gondeck’s art, entitled “The Other Side”  in the wing of the P building closest to the art rooms.


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