Adele comes back swinging with her live performance in New York!

On Monday, December 14, famous singer/songwriter Adele came back with a stunning live performance in New York. She performed songs from her new album, and old songs from previous albums. Adele wanted to introduce her songs from her new album to people and to also be a refresher. A few minutes after hitting the stage in a shimmery full-length gown, she kicked off her shoes and settled in for a run of songs that explained why she’s such a force in pop music. Adele says, “This is going to be on TV so don’t pick your nose.” Showing a very enthusiastic side of her, she explained how long she’s been dying to do a show. “I’ve been dying to do a show,” she confessed to the crowd, citing her self-imposed downtime during the past three years after giving birth to a son, Angelo, in October, 2012.

Toward the end of the hour long show, Adele got very emotional and began to cry. She cried because she felt very happy that she was able to start performing again. She missed her fans a lot and was relieved that she could finally resume her career. “I missed you guys so much”, she said, “we’ve been planning this show for months, and I just feel like it’s a new start now.” She closed with a soaring rendition of “When We Were Young,” from her new album “25.” With the crowd on its feet offering extended applause, Adele bid them farewell as if she was parting with a lover. “Thank you,” she said, with tears in her eyes. “I’ll never forget it.”

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