Finals and all the Stress

Sarah Smith , Feature Reporter

This week is finals week and with that brings an extra added amount of stress. Around the world and country students are expected to take finals to judge what they have learned over the course of a semester or year. But are finals really a good way to judge how much a student knows? Can one huge test really acknowledge how much a student has learned in the past semester? I do not believe that finals are an accurate representation of a students knowledge. This is because so much gets jam packed into the last couple of weeks so teachers and staff can meet the standards of what they are supposed to meet. Schools these days are putting an unrealistic amount of pressure on teachers to get a lot of information packed into one year. Since teachers are forced to get a certain amount of information taught by specific times they do not always get the chance to spend time on some things that may need more attention than others. So some students get left behind and at that point its hard to catch back up.

With finals and other big tests some students experience test anxiety and causes them to not be able to show their true abilities  in a testing situation. According to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America test anxiety can cause headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeats, and several more physical and emotional symptoms, which are linked back to taking tests. How can a student ever be expected to perform well on a test, when all they can think about is their heart beating right out of their chests?  The simple answer is they can not. Finals puts a giant weight on students shoulders, sometimes it is the make or break of a students grade. By putting this much weight on a test students feel the pressure to preform well and sometimes come short of their expectations. While some students are faced with test anxiety others strive under all the pressure. Junior Megan Gushrowski said, “I am making good use of my time to get all of my studying in so I can perform well on my finals.”


Finals is different for everyone some students strive under the stress while others crash and burn. Finals is its own kind of animal and generally the week ends with lots of tears being shed and the excitement of the upcoming break.

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