Social Media Evolution

Social Media Evolution

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

In February of 2004, what would turn out to be one of the biggest forms of social media was released: Facebook. Eleven years later it is still a huge outlet for social media and competes with many other extremely popular sites.

A little over a year later was the release of Twitter and in 2007, Tumblr came bounding in looking for popularity as well.

The next major media sites to come were Pinterest in March of 2010 and Instagram in October. Snapchat came in 2011 and a new app called Phhhoto has recently emerged as well.

Each app has gone through major and minor changes recently and while some students are happy with them, others are not.

Senior, Wesley Wellman, already does not agree with all of the changes. “Overall, I do not like the changes the apps have made. These sites increase bullying, beautify crime, and take away from friendships and other relationships. The best change the apps could make is to limit your daily use to thirty minutes,” says Wellman.

Twitter’s change may or may not be considered major but many who use it on a daily basis were not so pleased simply because it was a change in what they are used to. The change was that the little star icon was changed to a heart, this means that while people would usually favorite the tweet, they will now be liking it.

Senior, Jakob Martin said, “Twitter is my favorite because it is always lit. Follow me @jakemartin219.”

Snapchat added lenses which use facial recognition to change the look of the person’s face. Originally this feature only applied to the front facing cameras but in one of the most recent updates of the app, it was added to the back camera as well.

As this feature was becoming more and more popular, each day lenses would be added or subtracted. Now, all the lenses that have been featured on the app at some point are available but not all of them are free. Many are only available for a small fee of 99 cents.

Snapchat also has a feature that allows people to transfer money through the chat. This option is not quite as popular or known yet, but if it is anything like the other options in the app, it will not take too long to become popular.

“Facebook is by far my favorite app. It allows me to keep up with my friends that I do not always get to see,” says Junior, Ethan Hyska.

Facebook now allows members to change their profile pictures temporarily. The Facebook Messenger app also has an added option to send gifs as a message. Along with the emoticon keyboard that is in the app there is a gif keyboard. The gif keyboard enables people  to search just about anything and a gif will appear.

Instagram is known for its square photos but in a recent update, users posts no longer have to be square. They can post any size picture they want. This gives more freedom to people using the app, though many people are still using just the standard square format.

Tumblr has added the feature to make and post gifs from peoples videos. They have also added messaging but not everyone has that feature yet. Until they are able to give it to everyone, those who have been given the update can send messages to other users and they will then have the messaging option as well. Some members of the app have started to say that the way the feature is spread is somewhat like that of a virus and until everyone has been given that option, it will continue to spread.

Junior, Hannah Tubbs likes most of the changes that have been made to the app. “The changes make the app better and easier to use,” says Tubbs.

Pinterest’s most recent update  now lets people buy things from the website.  Before the update, users could only  pin things that they like  and click on them to go to the original website they came from. Now, people can buy items they see and like directly from the app or website.

Phhhoto is one of the newer apps to come out and is still in the process of gaining popularity. The app is much like instagram but instead of photos, it has gifs. It takes a burst of photos and animates them into a gif. Almost everyday a new filter is added that people can choose to apply to their phhhoto’s.

Senior, Bailey Holkan likes Phhhoto because it lets people express their creativeness. Over time more changes will be made to make apps better and more convenient for users.

With more advances to come, users will continue to be surprised.

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