Students talk about Sadies

Unlike the usual, boys-ask-the-girls dance, the Sadie Hawkins Dance the girl asks the guy instead of demurely waiting for one to ask her. Sadies is usually a semi-formal dance and the first dance to kick things off!

How did Sadies come to be today? Well, in the Li’l Abner comic strip featuring the character Sadie Hawkins, the dance, the unmarried women got to chase the bachelors and “marry up” with the ones they caught.

Today, the girls take it to a whole other level and ask guys in ways they would never expect. They go above and beyond just thinking of new creative ways to surprise the boys.

Sophomore Bryana Andresen said, “I asked my boyfriend, Jalen Smith, by cutting out letters that said ‘SADIES’ and during the girls varsity soccer game, I went on the field with some friends and asked him!”

Sophomore Drew Hultgren said, “I asked Sam Mallon by filling his locker with balloons that had question marks on them. Then I got magnents that spelt out ‘Sadies’ and he said yes!”
Girls get really creative and decorate lockers, posters, and involve sports that they are into. Each year ideas get bigger and better trying to find the perfect way to ask the boy of your choice to the dance.

Sophomore Lauren Skeen said, “I asked my boyfriend Gordon Terry after the football game on Friday. I went onto the field, and put out six signs spelling out ‘Sadies’, and my cousin told him I was on the field. When he walked out, he saw it and of course said yes!”

Junior Ashley Banks said, “I like the idea of going mudding with the person then after you clean the mud off the truck spelling ‘Sadies’.”

Freshman Paige Smith said, “I would like to write out ‘Sadies’ in pictures of me and that person on a poster board and ask him!”

Junior Tyler Abbott said, “I got asked to Sadies by Olivia Steffey. I was really surprised because I was coming from study hall and we were walking to basketball practice and I saw a note on the door so I walked inside and there was ‘Sadies’ really big on the wall, and I said yes of course!”

Sadies is the first dance to start to kick things off and get the school year going with all of your friends, great music, and dancing. Now is the time to get all of your ideas together and do something worth remembering before it is too late.

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