City teams not given the credit they deserve


Jack Smith , Sports Reporter

Michigan City High School athletics is chalked full of kids who put their all into what they do, but some teams are overlooked. Some of our sports do not get the attention from the school and outside media around the community.

Most students will only go to a sporting event if it is a football or basketball game. These sports are viewed by the high school as “money makers”. For example, the school will make more money through a basketball game than a diving meet. However, every team at Michigan City High School puts countless hours of hard work into improving their game and deserves just as much recognition as any other team. Even when you listen to the morning announcements they do not really speak about other sports other than football, basketball, and bowling when they are doing really well. The other sports are not announced unless they have done something really remarkable or are on a streak.

One of the more profitable sports is football. Even though we did not have a winning season the stands continued to be full. Boys tennis, however, had a winning season, but did not get nearly the same amount of appreciation.

While it is important for students and fans to keep going to football and basketball games, if more people came out and supported the “smaller” sports, the school could raise money to get some new facilities.

For example, the swimming team would appreciate an upgraded facility to practice and hold meets. This could definitely not be solely funded by ticket sales, but if more support was shown for the team, it could be a possibility in the future.

Swimming and diving are not the only teams that could use help from the school. Gymnastics is a sport that does not even have its own facility, so they have to go elsewhere to practice. When the basketball team has a game, the gymnastics team has to have its meets in other locations.

The high school does have a very good Athletic Department Head, Craig Shaman, who is always running events very well. He is usually at every athletic event he can get to. Mr. Shaman puts a lot of time and effort into making everything run as smoothly as possible. He has done a very good job in his time at Michigan City High School.

The more support that every sport can get, the better the school will do. If the school gets the support that is needed from the school and the community, it just might be able to help all athletics even more.

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